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List of Services

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Civil Engineering Construction

Over the years, Tencraft has mastered the art of general infrastructure development, water and sewer reticulation as well as roads and storm water construction with the associated construction of different drainage structures. We construct water-retaining structures, dams and irrigation systems, canals, substations and base stations as well as supporting their design.

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Asphalt Production

Production of Asphalt throuh the refining of petroleum within the Asphalt plant to create a viscous adhesive along with granite and other aggregates to form a hot mix Asphalt perfect for every surface.

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Mining Infrastructure

Tencraft has had exposure in working in the mining environment with high adherence and compliance requirements for Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Assurance Issues. Besides the provision of mining infrastructure for actual mining activities, land is serviced as well as associated residential infrastructure for residential housing.

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Building Construction Services

We construct the following under our building services arm:

Single and Multi Storey Buildings

Industrial Buildings

Timber Structures

Steel Structures

Bridge construction

Refurbishment and General Maintenance of buildings and associated services

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Under our Telecommunications we do the following:

Fibre Optic Installations

Civil Works for Telecommunications cables

Laying of Ducts

Blowing of Fibre Optic cables

Splicing, Jointing and OTDR Termination

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We construct hardstands for the following:


Warehouses, Factories, Manufacturing Plants

Heavy vehicle Parking Areas

Oil Separators

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Pumps & Pumping Mains

We install Pumps, Valves, and Irrigation Equipment

Pump Houses and Sumps

Pumping Mains (All Sizes)

Gravity Mains (All Sizes)

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Concrete Reservoirs

We construct the following:

Civil Works for Hydro and Thermal Power Stations

Civil Works for Sub Stations

Civil Works for Liquid Retaining Foundations

Major Bund Wall and Area Construction for Containing undesirable material in the environment

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Plant Hiring Services

We hire out the following equipment:

Excavating and Stockpiling Equipment (Dozers and Excavators)

Haulage Trucks

Compaction Equipment (Graders, Water Trucks, Rollers)

Asphalt Plant

Asphalt Paving Equipment

Spray and Chip Equipment (Bitumen Distributors, Tailgates, Rollers)

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Road Construction, Rehabilitation, Maintenance & Surfacing Works

Over the years we have built competencies and capabilities in the following road activities:

Road Construction activities from setting out, interpretation of drawings, material location and procurement to actual construction within set standards

Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of existing road infrastructure as necessary

Periodic maintenance of surfaced and gravel roads

Pothole Patching and Routine Maintenance Activities

Asphalt and Slurry Production as well as

All surfacing forms from Asphalt Paving to Spray and Chip Surfacing